Created to  Learn; Designed to Develop...


Created to  Learn; Designed to Develop...


Welfare House is global service-led fellowship of individuals, families, organizations and churches connected to Pray and Share one another’s burden in giving or receiving helps through God-given blessings to assist vulnerable people survive burdensome needs in event of crises. It started as ‘Poverty Intervention Program’ by early believers to fellowship, break bread and share proceeds from their property in common that no one was in need (Acts 2:44-47; 4:32-37). Welfare mission builds love and faith in action works of mercy for pool of resources that great number of priests and believers became faithful to the gospel to spread with signs and wonders for rapid increase of converts. Joseph, a Levite and citizen of Cyprus by birth committed resources to works of mercy that the Apostles named him Barnabas (meaning ‘Son of Encouragement’).

In Welfare House, the need that may overwhelm any individual, family or group can be met through pool of resources.

• Welfare House runs global collection for fair contribution to share at local distribution points of need to children at-risk emergency cases of health, food, clothing, water, and shelter/resettlement needs.

Areas of Service:

- Donor Advisory Fund Management (Guideline projects, debts settlement, disability aids, education fund, small business loan scheme, livelihood skills, etc.)

- Facility/Equipment Purchase (Agriculture, education infrastructure, computer/ICT, etc.)

- Medical Outreach (Orphans and Vulnerable Children healthcare, HIV/AIDS Awareness.)

- Shelter/Resettlement Plan (Building/Renovating devastated houses, churches, schools.)

- Emergency Services (Quick Response fund, food, clothes, clean water supply, etc.)

Benefits: Gospel expansion beyond the pulpit in buildings to street places. Most memorable miracles were welfare focused events performed outside the buildings; and connecting men to divine sources (Phil.4:17,18).

Membership: It is open to everyone on specific STEPS: 1. ‘Expression of Interest’ request message. 2. Acknowledgement of ‘Fresh Membership Notification’ after the last registered person. 3. Donation of ‘Seed Fund’ (cash/kind) for Welfare House to generate your Welfare ID. No. 4. Fresh Start Rewards from your predecessor on enrollment order. The member before you would arrange surprise gift as God directs him/her to credit new member’s Welfare Account. Surprise donation for in-coming member is strictly a matter of faith in service to God. After a member registers, an updated list of Welfare House of God is circulated regularly.

Meetings: Welfare House of God holds on-line global prayers, reports and testimonies of training and visits to Children At-Risk Development project locations globally. Don’t face it alone!