Created to  Learn; Designed to Develop...


Created to  Learn; Designed to Develop...


What you need to ask and know

Are there Any Age Restrictions for volunteers?

  • Ages 18 and above is safe for legal reasons. But if at ages 17 to 13, we advise you come as part of a group - either with your family or a fellowship. The groups may take ‘CAN-DO-Child Support Mission’ (where children serve as resources for other children) to cover insuranceand child protection policies.


Would the Centre accept interns to learn and grow practical skills?


Who can become Children At-Risk Care-giver?


Who is an orphan?

     Orphan-Child: -Children below 18years who have lost one or both parents without support. The 2005 population estimated 69 million of the 126 million Nigerians as children under 18 years, and 10% of these 69 million are ORPHANS. That is, 1 in every 10 Nigerian Children less than 18 years is an ORPHAN. And about 7 million children were estimated to be Orphans by 2003, and would increase rapidly to 8.2 million by 2010 in Nigeria. The forgotten ones internally neglected.


Who are vulnerable children?

  Vulnerable Children are those below 18 years who because of circumstances of birth, poor parental background, and difficult environment are prone to deprivation of basic support, care and protection and/or abused of their rights and persons, and thus disadvantaged relatively to peers. Highest number of these children at-risk (orphans and vulnerable children) exist in Nigeria with no reliable statistics till date. They are the faceless children in Nigeria today.