Created to  Learn; Designed to Develop...


Created to  Learn; Designed to Develop...

Ogoni Rural Orphans

Supply of Food and Clothings


How and Why formed?

The Luther Welfare for Children At-Risk Development Centre was formerly Paedocare Foundation (Children At-Risk Development.) The Centre seeks to motivate concerns of children helpers in addressing care needs for raising healthy children for sustainable future. The Centre started as an "Open Hands" care service for Children At-Risk (internally displaced in crises-torn areas; and those neglected as child witches, disabled, and orphans) etc. Rev. Nicholas K. Iloh and his wife, Mrs. OfonimeIloh (volunteer Welfare workers for Social services, and Lutheran Church priests in Nigeria), pioneered the vision of the Centre; thus, founded the mission of saving lives of children in need through rehabilitating them from the traumatic crises of loss of parents under difficult circumstances globally identified in Ogoni environmental health hazards and neglect of Niger Delta communities.The focus is to relieve painful challenges of these children / their care-giver families, and re-store hope for them —by transforming their helplessness and urgent state of need —as trapped victims in vulnerable conditions.

GOAL: Improved service opportunity and welfare of children through harnessing resources and practical support for coordinating and responding to children in needs; and transformed families and children in at-risk communities with everyone meeting the needs of prevailing conditions.


Luther Welfare for Children At-Risk Development Centre is a registered non-profit for ‘Ministry of Mercy’ (MoM) in Nigeria.

Our AIM is to provide development for sustainable life for children in needs, through provision of community-based response for enhancing general welfare.The Centre offers training, rehabilitation and protective services for direct care and general referral when families don't know where to go. We offer FREE Education for orphans and vulnerable children in classrooms/hostels with Disability-friendly space; Family Hall (Social Center); Welfare Collection Stores; Media/ICT; Creativity/Career Points; Emergency/Health Bay; Transportation and Safety Yards; Recreation and Camps; Development Library (Research and trainings).

INTAKE CAPACITY: Over 200 orphans and vulnerable children i.e. abandoned/street children of special needs or disabilities referred from families, faith-based groups, police, etc receiving healthcare, basic hygiene; water supply, First Aid, Livelihood skills, Inclusive Sports / Recreation, Food Support (Meals); Clothings, resettlement services, and psycho-social support (counseling, prayers, follow-up visits).